Plagiarism and the Golden Rule?

Plagiarism and the Golden Rule?

We think you may be very interested in this article since the Waters are not giving credit to the artists who did those intricate designs being sold on line under the adult teens name.

Is it okay to copy and sell another’s work? Plagiarism and the Golden Rule?

The Fraud Never Ends

The Fraud Never Ends

We are amazed how the fraud never ends and how their followers still believe it is the adult teens work despite the videos that are posted.

This is the latest work.  This is CLEARLY not the adult teen’s work.  If you as for authentication, you will be blocked and harassed.  


When will the Federal Trade Commission set in?  When will the Illinois Adult Services step in?

As a side note: On Facebook, you can report each piece of fake art not painted by the adult teen now as fraud.  You must do it from a computer though.  Facebook also needs to take action.  The FBI has already recognized this as fraud.

We Are Getting On Our Soap Boxes

We Are Getting On Our Soap Boxes

It has been a long few weeks dealing with Robert and Sandy Waters.  Their lies have taken a whole new turn down sad and nasty.

Posted on ALL their GoFundMe’s and their petition.  Shared on Facebook.

We know of several calls made for welfare checks and to Adult welfare services.  

We have been watching this go down as we know there is nothing on Twitter stating anything like this.  A simple search of Twitter proves this.  All of the blog and Twitter pages are now at the top of the search engines and their likes are dropping.  People are searching.

This reminds of similar posts like this when the now adult teen was used in a suicide post by Mom & Dad while they were posting spam in medical groups.  We do know calls were made for welfare checks of the teen.  She was fine.

But this is not the first time the teen has been used this way, the parents have also claimed she was suicidal to gain sales of her “art” and book sales.  Yes, the posts are still on her Facebook page.  Funny, how they re-use pictures.



We are also aware of this post which is quite disturbing below.  This should disturb you too!

This was daddy’s godson.  He committed suicide.  Why the hell would mommy comment on this memorial imagine for him with that?  With her past blogs on her true thoughts and current thoughts of “Candy being suicidal”, it really does concern us that is was not all deflection.

See how the public is being played?  How do their followers not see this manipulation and deception?  We are worried about these kids.  Thousands of people are worried about these kids and there is a good reason to be with posts by the parents like this.

This week Sandy and Robert Waters post about GOD.  After all they are GOD fearing people despite all the horrible things they have done to people and let their followers do.

Here is our response to their post:

PROVERBS 21:6, in the BIBLE, forbids the attainment of money through lies and deception.

Clear your conscience and confess your sins to the proper authorities, parents. Stop your scam and stop accepting money for fraudulent art that your child didn’t make.

Faith, love, and hope means practicing it in honesty and not deception of any kind.

GOD also forbids your behaviors you have been doing the stalking, bullying, the libel, the slander, the harassing of disabled people, the doxing of people, the exploitation, the threats, the blackmail….all of it.

Autism and Sensory Overload

Autism and Sensory Overload

We were never so horrified but to see this picture of the adult teen.  While it is great to take her out in the community; it is not great to take her to places like the “Medieval Times” where sensory overload is guaranteed to happen even for a non-autistic person.

You can find the original photo here.

Her face, her fingers in her ears and stimming say it all.  She did not love the show.  It was too much for her.  We never would have subjected any of our children to this torture.  They are plenty of other venues that would have been much more autistic friendly.

People with autism are often highly sensitive to their environments.  That, of course, means different things to different people on the spectrum — but in general people with autism have unusually sensitive “sensory” systems, meaning that their senses sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste can all be easily overloaded.

Even more challenging, it can be difficult for people with autism to “just ignore” sensory information as it comes in.

So, unlike people with typical sensory systems, people on the spectrum may not be able to, for example, notice a car alarm going off and then decide not to listen to it.


Sensory Challenges to Autistic People
Some of the environmental challenges that can negatively impact people with autism include:

  • Florescent lights which flicker and/or buzz
  • Smells from cleaning supplies, new carpets, perfumes, certain foods, and cologne
  • Fluttering curtains, posters, and other wall hangings
  • Persistent sounds such as landscapers mowing lawns or blowing leaves, babies crying or even cooing, dogs barking outside, ticking clocks, dripping water, traffic noises, etc.
  • Foods and materials with specific textures (these vary from person to person, but slippery, goopy foods and materials such as glue, gels, etc. are often problematic)

Surprisingly, the opposite can also be true: some people on the spectrum are “hypo-sensitive,” meaning that they have a low response to sensory input and, in some cases, crave physical sensation. 

This can lead to “stimming” in the form of flapping, pacing, etc.
Even more surprisingly, many people on the spectrum can be hypersensitive in some ways (can’t bear loud noise, for example), but ALSO hypo sensitive in other ways (need to feel motion or physical sensation in order to feel calm).

Sensory “regulation” — the feeling that one is experiencing just the right amount of sensory input — is important to physical and psychological comfort.
In fact, according to many studies, sensory dysregulation is one of the major reasons why people with autism — even high functioning people who are able to handle many forms of stress — tend to “meltdown,” or find themselves unable to manage a perfectly ordinary situation.

Sensory Overload: How People With Autism Experience the World

Candy Verified Painting

Candy Verified Painting

Sandy and Robert Waters FINALLY posted art that Candy painted that is 100% hers and 100% verified by video and not altered at all.

This is Candy’s TRUE ART.  We thank you for being honest about her work.

NOT THIS NOT CANDY’s WORK.  Please do not feed us the “HUMBLE HELPER” line, this was originally posted long before that phrase came into use.

Note the description.  It is a quote from Einstein, not Candy and should be quoted as such.  #Plagiarism

Please remember Candy is 18 now, a legal adult, as verified by her parents here.

Happy 18th Birthday Candy!!

Happy 18th Birthday Candy!!

You are 18 now Candy.  You have legal say in what happens to you; this includes your art and if your want “Humble Helpers” helping you any more.

You now have a say in all of it.  Sandy and Robert Waters say that you know baby sign language.  They say that you have a DynaBox.  It is now time to honor your wishes that we often see are ignored.

You have lots of right now, Candy.  Legal Matter to Consider

PM Us Privately?

PM Us Privately?

Really, so you want people to message people privately so your libel and slander will go unoticed by the other parties, is that it?  What do you have to hide?  

Seems fishy to us.

Again, a simple Google search shows what Sandra and Robert Waters have done.  Acting all innocent in private message will not do you so good when these people do a Google search.